Christmas I DIYed That

Good morning friends! if you're coming here from Areeba's blog Mint Candy Designs Welcome! I'm so glad you've stopped by. I love how Areeba mixes Home Decor, DIY and Fashion into her blog!! And didn't you just love her vintage snow globe DIY?  I'm really excited about today's post! Be sure to keep scrolling for a... Continue Reading →

At Home [A Handmade Christmas]

Growing up I loved getting lost in stories like Little Women and Anne of Green Gables. Fascinated by the the mid 1800's through the early 1900s. Times seemed a bit simpler then. Christmas celebrations certainly much simpler than they are now. Based less on things bought in a store, rather it was usually all handmade.... Continue Reading →

Homemade Healing Salve

I’ve recently been researching the healing benefits of calendula oil, specifically in salves and creams. "One of the best reasons to keep calendula handy is due to its healing abilities. If you apply this flower oil to your cuts, scrapes, bruises, and insect bites, you can quickly speed the healing process, partially due to the anti-inflammatory properties of the... Continue Reading →

Homemade Beeswax Candles

  There's nothing quite like the soft glow of a candle in the fall and winter months. Candles create warmth and coziness in any space and I almost always have one burning. As much as I love yummy smelling candles I know that some store bought candles are often filled with toxins that are released... Continue Reading →

A Simple Silhouette DIY

One of my favorite things to do when trying to personalize a space is crafting something myself, or maybe a little DIY project with my husband. As many of you know I've been working on our back sunroom for an upcoming collaboration (I'm so excited to share it all the details soon!) the last couple... Continue Reading →

Advent Calendar DIY

Hey there, friends! So I feel like the days are just flying by. Every year just seems to pass faster and faster and the holiday time seems to pass the fastest. It's kind of sad, really. To think it just passes in a flash. I'm trying very hard to savor the moments and slow down.... Continue Reading →

Fall Blog Series:Book Page Garland

Hey y'all!! Happy Thursday and more importantly HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY. Today's post is actually brought to you by coffee...just kidding...kind of, haha. Actually today is cool, damp, a little foggy, it really is the perfect day for drinking coffee and getting your craft on...and maybe some train playing as well. how sweet is this... Continue Reading →

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