A Little Room for a Baby Bear

I'll never forget the moment I found out I was pregnant with my Benjamin [aka Baby Bear]. I had been praying for another, longing so deeply for another child. Another precious blessing. A sibling for our oldest. I anxiously waited, counting down the days until I could finally take a test. I remember waking up... Continue Reading →

Our Nightly Rhythm

The other week when the school year just began again our evenings seemed like a mad rush to get everything done and our selves situated and ready for bedtime. One evening in particular must have been a total disaster because my husband joked that I was acting slangry, what is slangry you ask? Slangry, similar... Continue Reading →

Sunroom Makeover

NOTE: This post is sponsored by Home Reserve Furniture. See disclaimer info at the bottom of this post. Creating a pretty and cozy space that is functional for the whole family can sometimes feel like a big challenge. But, I'm here to tell you that it doesn't have to be. When we moved into our... Continue Reading →

A Simple Silhouette DIY

One of my favorite things to do when trying to personalize a space is crafting something myself, or maybe a little DIY project with my husband. As many of you know I've been working on our back sunroom for an upcoming collaboration (I'm so excited to share it all the details soon!) the last couple... Continue Reading →

My Week In Review + Goals

We were driving in the car early the other morning and Braedan said something about school and all of a sudden the realization set in that we only have one full week of Summer left. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago if I was ready for school to begin again I... Continue Reading →

Antique Depression Era Cabinet

I think my love for antique furniture grows with each passing year. The older I get the more and more I appreciate the beauty and quality of things made long ago. I've been admiring this beautiful William and Mary style Depression Era Cabinet (phew say that 3x fast) at my favorite antique store for what... Continue Reading →


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