It’s done!! I’m so glad to say those words…our first project of the year wasn’t really meant to be much of a “project” just a simple power of paint type transformation…which I suppose is mostly what it is, though there are a few other updates we chose to make along the way.

If you remember the top half of the wall was covered in floral wallpaper with a seashell border. [that my 6 year old made me keep a pice of to save so he can remember it, haha] You can see my previous bathroom post HERE. Removing that was our main priority. We knew as soon as we did that it would update and brighten up this space so much. What we didn’t know is what we were going to find under the wallpaper.


What we found was damaged plaster and layers of paint. The walls had been painted a few times as well as papered twice. This left the walls in pretty sad shape. This concerned my husband. We didn’t really want to take on a huge project because this was meant to be a bandaid type fix, not a complete surgery. Our plan is to eventually demo the entire bathroom. Because of that plan we weren’t ready to throw down a bunch of money and labor just to demo it in a few years anyway. Thankfully my husband was able to salvage the plaster without having to go crazy with it. We also found an old hole in the wall from an old medicine cabinet and some old tile too. Thankfully we we reusing the mirror so this wasn’t a huge issue at this point.


  • Tore down the wallpaper and border
  • Sprayed the walls with water and scraped off paper backing
  • Sprayed and sponged the walls with a glue removal solution
  • My husband used joint compound to cover the plaster walls – three coats of this alternating application between vertical, horizontal, and vertical again.
  • Light sanding to smooth out joint compound
  • Primed the walls and ceiling
  • Replaced the outlets
  • Removed the mirror and build a frame for it
  • Removed the old light, made a new hold and fished the wiring to mount the light higher and centered with the vanity
  • Replaced the old faucet
  • Painted the walls and window trim
  • Mounted the mirror back onto the wall with the new frame


  • New Faucet – Delta Faucet from Home Depot linked HERE | $80.00
  • New Light Fixture from Lowes | $24.00
  • Glass Shades from School House linked HERE| $60.00
  • Picture from Target linked HERE | $18.00
  • Rug from Target linked HERE | $18.00
  • New knobs for the cabinet from Lowes | $10.00
  • Paint – we used Natural Choice from Sherwin Williams that we had on hand. Pure White for the trim | FREE
  • My husband did have to buy joint compound and a few items for the new faucet | $15.00 + plus a few other things that we will just estimate at about $24.00
  • Wood for the mirror was recycled – we had it on hand from other projects we’ve done | FREE

TOTAL – $250.00

While I still don’t “love” the blue tile — this space looks 100 times better and I’m so pleased with the changes we have made. Pictures really don’t do it justice [and this long narrow bathroom is tricky to photograph] I’m thankful that while it has features that I wouldn’t have chosen myself, the bones are good and strong and we were able to freshen it up to suit our tastes a little more.

The best part of the whole thing was when my 6 year old walked into the bathroom when it was all finished exclaiming, “Did you see this? This looks so pretty. Look at this new room. The tile is the same, but it looks new…Mom I love this new rug you have in here.”

I love kids and their little minds. It always feels good to know that they find beauty in our home and that they love and appreciate the work we put into it.

Whenever we finish a project in this house, whether big or small I always get a little emotional and “reflective” if you want to call it that. I think of how long we prayed to find a single family home in our town. I think of the years we searched and hunted, but struggled to find something in our price range that we could realistically fix up. I remember the last six months in our old home…I won’t go into huge detail, that story is for another time, but we were praying fervently that the Lord would lead us out of that home. By His providence we were able to sell our home privately and purchase this home privately in 30 days. It was an incredible blessing and I look back on that time often with such gratitude in my heart. The Lord planned for us to have this home all along we just had to wait patiently for His timing.

All that to say I sure am grateful for this little home of ours to raise our boys in. Thanks for stopping by! Blessings,



  1. Wow it looks so good! You’re such an inspiration and help me to enjoy the little bits as I go instead of being unhappy until I can gut an entire room 🙂 it’s nice to see what you do with what you have. You have great style!

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  2. It’s beautiful! Great work. I think it’s neat when you keep existing features (the tile) and just work around it to make other changes and make it all match. It looks so refreshed! Just curious – do you know the size of your vanity? I like how the sink basin is off-centered.


  3. I LOVE how it turned out! This post was honestly so helpful to me. We’ve been working on our basement (long story involving lots and lots of cat pee from the previous owner of our house 🤢) and it has been so much more work than we anticipated. I’ve been getting so discouraged! Seeing your finished bathroom is really encouraging while we’re in the middle of repairs and updates ❤️

    P.S. love that you’ve been blogging more! I always look forward to your posts ❤️

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