“Although our culture seems to worship being busy, constant activity will slowly undermine our perspective on life and kill our souls.” 
― Sally Clarkson

I had mentioned recently on Instagram the importance (in my opinion) of cultivating and nurturing togetherness as a family. As keepers of the home, I think one of our main priorities is creating time quality time with our family. Time together with the ones we love most matters and time around our tables matter. I feel as though in our current world and culture there is so much noise around us. We have information at our fingertips and every day seems to be go, go, go. Today I’m sharing 25 ways to slow down, to quiet the noise and distractions all around us, and hopefully bring our families closer. To encourage togetherness, fellowship, fun, and grateful hearts.

One – Prepare a meal together — set the table “fancy” and celebrate “just because”

Two – Bake something together — our favorite treat to bake is cookies

Three – Deliver treats or meals to neighbors and visit with them a little.

Four – Play a board game — our favorites are: Monopoly, Sequence, and Sorry

Five – Play a card game

Six – Work on a jigsaw puzzle – We especially love this during the winter or on rainy summer days!

Seven – Draw, color, or do a craft project

Eight – Have a tea party

Nine – Put on a puppet show 

Ten – Have a drawing competition — we do this a couple different ways. One way: Someone instructs the people drawing what to draw with their eyes closed. Who ever has the best picture wins that round (it usually ends with some good laughs) another way I do this is I tell my boys step by step what to draw. So ex. Draw 3 gray clouds in the sky…Draw green rolling hills… that sort of thing. It helps them to figure out how to draw new things, because left up to them I would have a 100 pictures of Mario and Luigi and Darth Vader, haha 

Eleven – Read aloud

Twelve – Build a fort and “camp out” in the house

Thirteen – Make popcorn and have a movie night

Fourteen – Go on a walk or hike

Fifteen – Work in the garden or yard together

Sixteen – Go for a bike ride

Seventeen – Visit a shelter together or retirement community.
Do random acts of kindness together

Eighteen – Plan a treasure hunt

Nineteen – Play hide and seek…and if you don’t want to hide, hide object instead and take turns finding the items.

Twenty – Go somewhere you haven’t been before or visit a historical landmark close to home.

Twenty one – Go on a nature walk

Twenty two – Go caroling or visit a live Nativity (obviously only works during Christmas time. Maybe consider riding a train during the summer)

Twenty three – Do a science experiment or STEM activity or build LEGOs together

Twenty four – Play outdoor games such as, kick the can, bean bag toss, or ladder ball.

Twenty five – Have a bonfire or fire pit. Roast marshmallows and cozy up by the fire. You could do this inside if you have a fireplace!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, dear ones. I hope these ideas have inspired you to slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the fellowship of the ones closest to you!

Love and blessings,



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