One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so the saying goes. My love of second hand goes way back to my high school days. There was something so exciting about walking the aisles of the local Goodwill in search of a vintage pair of jeans, an old worn t-shirt, little knick knacks for my bedroom dresser. One time I even bought an old velvet swivel chair and strapped it to the back of my tiny honda hatchback. My tastes are a little more curated and intentional now, but I’ll never pass up a pair of vintage jeans or a longaberger basket, or a striped shirt for that matter!

This past weekend I was able to sneak out for a bit alone and head to the local thrift store that has finally opened back up! It was my first time thrifting in — I can’t even tell you how long and it was quite enjoyable! I nabbed a few really nice clothing pieces and a brand new bible for my little guy. Then on Saturday the boys and I got ourselves up and ready bright and early, ate our breakfast, I drank my coffee, and we headed out the door for some yard sale(ing) fun! The start of our little trip seemed like it was going to be a dud, but we ended up finding a few really lovely and useful pieces for our home. Once we were all done [aka I ran out of money to spend, haha] we headed home to survey our bounty and give everything a nice freshening up.

Here are a few thrift store | yard sale tips

one | Check local papers and FB sites for yard sales happening in your area. Most people advertise on FB yard sale sites and this is where I keep track of local ones.

two | Bring smaller bills. Many times it’s just easier than asking for change. I like to clean out the change dish from the car too!

three | Check thrift stores often. If you can, try visiting at least once a week, more if possible. Inventory changes often. As for yard sales I always try to get there when they first start in the morning when the pickins are good!

four | Don’t be afraid to negotiate prices at yard sales. It never hurts to ask!

five | Shop with intention. I like to keep a running list of things I or the kids need so that I’m looking for specifics. I always bring that along with me. I don’t want to buy just because its cheap. I want to make sure it’s actually something I need or could use.

six | Give things a good look over before buying. If there are any defects be sure you’ll be able to make the appropriate mendings or will still be able to use it.

seven | Once you get your items home be sure to give things a good cleaning an freshening up. Clothing items and fabrics get washed right away. Large furniture pieces get swept out and wiped down really well. In the summer months I like to let things sit in the sun for awhile as well. Small home items and toys also get a thorough cleaning! I just use my thieves spray or my force of nature spray!

eight | Have fun finding new homes for your things!

I hope these few tips are helpful! Thanks so much for stopping by today friends! I’m curious are you a thrift store / yard sale lover too?



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