It’s hard to believe we are already midway through the year [and what a strange years it’s been] and I find myself preparing for our 4th year of homeschool. I take homeschool prep pretty serious and actually really look forward to all the planning and organizing of all.the.things! I remember that first year of being a homeschool mama. I remember how overwhelmed I felt having little idea of where to even begin. With time, though, we found a rhythm that worked for us. We found curriculums we loved and each day was a new adventure, and the best and most beautiful part is getting to experience it together and some days I’m learning right alongside my boys.

As I was reading my morning and evening devotional by Charles Spurgeon last night I was encouraged by these words…”The beloved of the Lord are to hand down their witness for the gospel and the covenant to their heirs, and these again to their descendants. This is our first duty, we are to begin at the family hearth. Parental teaching is a natural duty. Who is better fitted to look after their child’s well being than those who are the authors of his actual being?” — Charles Spurgeon

I love his reminder, who is better fitted to look after their child’s well being than their parents? While he was speaking about raising our babies in the Word of God and leading them in truth [which is of utmost importance] I think we can go a step further and say that educating our children is also a natural duty that we can begin at the family hearth.

I love the connection homeschool has added to our home and truly love spending my days with my children. We have tough ones, please don’t think they are hunky dory all the time, but thats the beauty of motherhood, home life, homemaking, home educating its all beautiful, the messy and mundane, the joyful and the exciting, it all adds up to moments and memories we can treasure for years to come.

This year our daily rhythm will look a little something like this–

Morning Basket — morning basket includes Bible reading. We will read and discuss scripture, use our Truth and Grace Memory Books + our theology cards. We will also use this time for poetry + art study and character study.

Math — We are continuing with Saxon math this year for 4th grade + we are using MasterBooks Math Lessons for a Living Education for my 1st grader.

Language Arts — We are using Abeka’s Language program + their spelling|poetry curriculum we also use their readers. For my younger son we are also using Abeka’s Language program. I love how thorough their curriculum is and it lays out all the lessons for me and just makes teaching language and phonics so simple.

History + Science — This year we are using MasterBooks for Geography + Science. Last year we completed their America’s Story 1 program and Adventures in Creation. We really enjoy their curriculum and are looking forward to exploring more this year! Even though these curriculums are advanced for my 6 year old he will likely sit with us for most of them and I’m sure he’ll learn quite a bit along the way!

A few things that I like to do to make the day to day flow a little better is having a binder ready to store and document everything we do. We keep a portfolio and I like to have it all ready to go from the beginning so that I can easily keep track and document our work as we go along. In past years I was creating monthly logs, but this year I’m going to try to do them quarterly instead. I like to pull the lessons from my teachers manuals and create a document with the lesson number | worksheet page number + books we are reading from each curriculum — it’s nice to have it all on one spreadsheet and it also documents every day that we are doing lessons so that I’m keeping a daily log. I also like to have a reading log for all of the books we read aloud as well as the ones my son reads independently.

Having a binder prepared and doing a little prep work ahead really makes a difference for the day to day work. I’m one who longs for organization and order, haha. It keeps me focused on tasks and without it I can feel overwhelmed with disorganization.

I’ve included our Reading Log and Daily School Rhythm chart below!

Reading Log || Daily School Rhythm

Thanks for stopping by today, friends!

Love, Bree

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