A Heart Like His [November Book Club] Chapters 1-12 [Weekly Discussion]

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Hello, dear friends!! Can you believe it’s the weekend already? I feel like the days and weeks are just passing by in a flash. I’m sitting here typing this with my Christmas lights twinkling in the background and Casting Crowns Christmas Album on repeat. I’m certainly getting into the holiday spirit. Can you believe we are only a few weeks from Thanksgiving and then Christmas will be here in the blink of an eye?

Though this week seemed to go by so quickly it wasn’t the easiest one. I have been feeling so tired and run down, Daylight savings seems to have hit me hard this year, haha. Did it affect you more so this year than in the past? Thankfully I was able to find time each day to dig into out first “book club” book. I hope you were able to dig into it as well.

Today I wanted to chat about the first 12 chapters.

Are you all enjoying it so far? I personally really enjoy Beth Moore and here writing style. I did a study on Esther from her years ago and absolutely loved it. So I’m not surprised that I’m enjoying this book as much as I am. I’ve included some questions and thoughts to ponder and reflect on below.  Was there anything that really spoke to your heart, anything that really stood out to you, I’d love to hear about it!

I personally loved this passage,

“In many ways David’s life foreshadowed or pictured details of Christ’s life. God illustrated the unknown about the Messiah through the unknown about David. David was not divine or perfect, as we will quickly discover, but God has used him to teach us truths about the One who is. I think you’ll enjoy knowing that the name Jesse is a personal name meaning, ‘man’ Christ referred to Himself as the ‘Son of Man’ more than any other title. Isn;t it interesting that the King of Israel who often prefigured Jesus was technically also the “son of man” – pg 10

Don’t you just love how God does that. How he weaves little things like that throughout scripture. Little tiny pieces that just make you stop in awe of Him and His awesomeness. That every little piece of our history is weaved together like a giant quilt. Maybe not seeming like much at first but when you stand back to reflect, you get a bigger more clear view. So neat. I just love it! And of course I find encouragement knowing that like myself, David was flawed. He was just a man. Not perfect or divine but Go’d used him in a mighty way. And when we let go of my prideful ways and just trust in Him, he too can use us for mighty things!

I also was really convicted by the reminder on pg 37.

Gal 1:10 ” Am I now trying to win the approval of men, or of God? Or am I trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would no be a servant of Christ.”

Phew, I don’t know about you, but I need to be reminded of that verse every once in awhile. It’s hard to not get caught of in wordly things, and trying to please those around us. But, we need to be reminded our job is not to find approval from the world, but to be Kingdom led and stand firm. Our identity is in Christ, amen!?

I would love love love to hear your thoughts so please share them below! Next week we will be reviewing Chapters 13-26

Questions to Reflect and Ponder on:

  • What skills or experiences in your like might God have planned for His service?
  • Who has been your greatest example of faithful obedience?
  • In what ways do people today disrespect God?
  • Which trait of Christ, tenderness or strength, means the most to you? Why?
  • Do you think Saul was a people pleaser, and do you struggle with the same issue?
  • What elements of Jonathan’s faith could you benefit from?
  • What “giants” do you have to face in your own life?
  • How could you become a Jonathan to another person?
  • How does anger lead to bad decisions and actions?
  • What encouragement do you get from the fact that Christ knows how it feels to be tempted by feelings (Heb 4:15; 2:18)


Bree xx

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