“The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home.”
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It’s taken me many years as a homemaker to finally find my own little rhythm, but now that I’ve finally found it, it literally feels like a big ole’ sigh of relief. To find your own little groove for your home and your family is essential to creating a relaxing and functional environment. While I’m no expert I do get many questions about how I do things around here so I thought I’d share my routine with all of you. Mine may look very different from yours and thats 100% OK but for those of you just beginning to find your own rhythm or long to simplify your routine I hope you find my schedule helpful.

Years ago when it was just my husband and I, both working full time our house never got very dirty. But, we would usually take a Saturday or Sunday to clean the house together, do yard work, grocery shopping etc. It was fun for us to spend the time together doing simple tasks. Fast forward a few years and one baby I found myself home full time, which meant it was time for me to take charge as homemaker. I considered it my full time job to joyfully take care of our home. Since I was a young girl watching my mother, who stayed home and kept our house super tidy I longed to one day do the very same. I’ve tried different schedules here and there but nothing seemed to work for me and our home. Fast forward, now a mother to two little boys and I finally settled into my own little groove, taking tips from different homemakers that I look up to and it’s truly been a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t feel overwhelming, just a little bit every day. Keeping up with simple tasks daily to avoid falling behind.

Why, you ask am I so passionate about keeping my home neat and tidy? Because I truly believe it’s my job as homemaker to weave positive and joyful energy into the normal day to day tasks. Many of which may seem mundane and yucky. When I view these tasks with a joyful spirit and remember what a blessing it is to my family I feel encouraged to keep it up.

My Simple Everyday Tasks Are:

+ Make the beds

+ Do at least one load of laundry. This includes wash, dry, put away

+ Wash the dishes. I usually will run the dishwasher in the evening after dinner then empty in the morning so that I have room to load up throughout the day. 

+ Wipe down surfaces. 

+ Spot clean 

+ Sweep high traffic areas and eating areas. Vacuum if necessary 

+ My nightly pickup when I make sure everything is tucked back in it’s home. I try to get the kids involved to help put their toys away. 

Then every day of the week has it’s own little set of tasks.

I consider Monday my deep washing day. I wash all my bed linens, towels, etc. I try to catch up on my laundry if I have fallen behind. I also take this time to tidy up my laundry room.

Tuesdays are for outdoor tasks (weed, mow, sweep etc.) I also will water my indoor plants (if needed) on a Tuesday.

On Wednesday I put my focus on my bathrooms. Being sure to scrub it all down, toilets, showers, sinks, floors, fixtures. I also clean the vanities and mirrors.

Thursdays are for organizing and purging. I try to get rid of any excess junk that we’ve accumulated during the previous week. I usually take the time to pay the bills and balance our check book on a Thursday.

Fridays are my major deep cleaning day. I just love going into the weekend with a fresh clean home. I take this day to dust surfaces, condition our wood pieces, sweep, vacuum and mop all the rooms, and clean the mirrors.

The Weekends are for fun, relaxing, recharging and spending time with family. But, on Sundays I enjoy cleaning out the refrigerator and cupboards, taking stock of pantry items, meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prepping for the week. Doing all of this on a Sunday when my husband is home makes my life so much easier, he can entertain the kids while I focus on the week ahead.

Below is a fun little chart I created for myself, I love checking items off a list so this little print is my motivation to stay on track!


I hope this post has encouraged you and inspired you in some way, so throw on that music playlist and get cleaning 😉


❤ Bree


  1. Lovely post and definitely very encouraging! 🙂
    I still have yet to find a routine for deep cleaning jobs that works for me. 😛 I have my daily jobs, for sure, but otherwise I just roll with it and do things as they need to be done. But I would LOVE to have a handy checklist like yours throughout the week to follow, so I’m going to give it a try, thanks! 🙂


    1. I’m so glad you found my post helpful and encouraging!! It can be hard to find a groove that works for you and I believe everyone’s looks different! I know you’ll find what works for you and it’ll make all the difference! Blessings ❤️

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