Antique Depression Era Cabinet

I think my love for antique furniture grows with each passing year. The older I get the more and more I appreciate the beauty and quality of things made long ago. I’ve been admiring this beautiful William and Mary style Depression Era Cabinet (phew say that 3x fast) at my favorite antique store for what feels like ages. I was amazed it stuck around for as long as it did. I knew I wanted it from the moment I laid my eyes on it, but I just didn’t have a need for it so I couldn’t justify spending the money. Fast forward a month later… I have a fun project and collaboration coming up which I’ll talk more about later. But, this new project opened the door to now having a need for a new piece of furniture. WooHoo!!! So I told myself if the cabinet was still there and the measurements were just right for the tight space I would buy it on the spot…

Well obviously I bought it or this blog post wouldn’t even exist, haha.


From the moment my husband carried it in the house I knew exactly how I wanted to style it. I’m completely smitten with it, and the fact that I got it for a major steal just adds to the excitement. After all I love a good bargain!






I’m so excited to share more details about my upcoming project but for now I’d love to hear what you think about this new beauty!

Happy Weekend Friends!

Blessings ❤


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