Christmas Gift Guide {under $50}



Hello Hello!! Quick grab your favorite beverage and cozy up. I hope y’all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had such a quiet relaxing day. We watched the parade (my favorite tradition) we had some turkey, mashed potatoes and green beans at home and we finished out the day with a Disney special on TV. It was really so refreshing and fun!! Well minus the clogged pipes and broken refrigerator door, lol 😉

In other news now that Thanksgiving has passed us…Do you have your tree up yet, haha. Obviously I do 😉

I hope enjoyed my last gift guide post. If you missed it you can read it here. Today I’m back with another gift guide and I’ll be focusing on gifts ideas under $50. I’ve included ideas for both men and women and I was thinking of possibly compiling a gift guide for the kiddos. Is that something y’all think you’d like to read? If so comment below or let me know on IG. So without further ado, here ya go!



My husband is a carpenter and does  a lot of building and remodeling and sometimes that means he has to work outside, even in bitter temperatures during the winter. So for him staying warm is essential. Every year I try to get him some practical gift such as under armour, hand warmers, hats, gloves ect. I found this under armour shirt on Amazon and I think I’ll be getting it for him this year. Honey, if you read this act surprised! 😉

Last year my kindle fire died and luckily for me I was able to score two new kindles one for me and one for my Hubby for only $50 each. I was excited to see they still have them this year and it looks like they even updated them since last year.

I use to love playing chess when I was younger. Granted, I was never very good and it’s been years since I’ve played. But, I thought this board looked really nice and would be a nice gift for anyone who loves Chess or just playing games in general.

Mens Under Armour // Kindle Fire // Chess Board

So I have this mug rack, or at least one very similar and I absolutely love it. Mine is brown and I kind of wish it was white, yeah well! This would make a great gift for just about any woman in your life.

I love having tiered trays and cake stands they can be used for so much more than just food, haha. I really like this metal one I found on Amazon.

I love this t-shirt from my friend Megan of Bourne Southern, it just so happens to be on my wish list!

This sign from my sweet friend Rachel, from The Wooded Lane is just beautiful. I have two of her canvas signs and I love them both so much. This would make such a lovely gift for anyone. She has so many different signs available and she offers a custom signs as well!

Mug Rack // Tiered Metal Tray // Bourne Southern // The Wooded Lane


Speaking of cake stands…can we say swoon, the Jadeite stand from Amazon is just lovely. I have one very similar, though I scored mine at Marshalls for like $12. I totally recommend checking out your local stores…but, I can tell you this if you can’t find one it is worth the extra money.

The Pioneer Woman cake stand is equally as lovely and I have that one also, lol. What can I say I love cake stands.

Can we just talk about the adorable Santa mugs! I feel like they would be such a sweet gift for any one who collects vintage Christmas decor, or even just mugs in general. And the Chemex, I mean who wouldn’t be thrilled with those gifts!!

I’m really hoping that my hubby Santa gets the hint and gets me this super cool wall mounted mug rack, its been in my Amazon cart for like 6 months now!

Jadeite Cake Stand // Pioneer Woman Cake Stand // Chemex

 Santa Mugs // Wall Mug Rack

Well y’all that concludes my gift guide for items that are $50 or less. I really hope this list gave you some fun ideas for the special people in your life! Blessings, friends!!

❤ Bree

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