From My {Christmas} Home To Yours {PartOne}

Hello Hello! Y’all can you believe we are already half way through November? It feels like the days are flying by. It also seems like Christmas cheer arrived earlier than normal this year. I feel as though we were all beginning to feel a little run down and weary and Christmas always seems to lift people’s spirits. When I think of Christmas I think of traditions, warmth, coziness, togetherness. And of course most important of all Christmas means hope, joy, and Jesus. The birth of our savior.  God in human flesh, Emmanuel, God with us. The king of kings born in the lowest of places, a stable and placed in a manger. Sweet friends, if that doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know what would! I pray no matter what this Christmas season, you feel Joy and Hope, dear ones!

Now on to a lighter subject. Today, I wanted to share with you, the first room in my Christmas home tour, my bedroom. Normally this is not a space I decorate for the holidays but I just couldn’t resist this year. Most of what I’ve used to add a little extra cheer to our space we already had. So this room was really inexpensive decorate!


I kept all of our usual bedding but added in this BE MERRY pillow I picked up from the Target Dollar Spot a few years ago. Also, when our next door neighbor moved she gave us a couple of things including a brand new set of red flannel sheets. All I did was insert some pillows into the pillow case, tucked in the excess and ta-da Christmas pillows for free! 



img_9466A closer view of my side of the bed, the faux tree came from Factory Direct Craft several years ago, I’m including a link to their site here. I wrapped it with some small pom pom garland that I picked up last year from Joann Fabrics. The banner across the bed is new from this year. It was either $1 or $3 in the Target Dollar Spot. 



I think my husband has the better side of the bed, it for sure has better lighting on this side, for picture taking, haha! The small faux tree, again, is from Factory Direct Craft and the small ceramic house is from the Target Dollar Spot from this year. 




A picture I posted last week on IG. I love this Santa mug that I received last year in a fun mug swap on IG!


This year I decided to do something totally new and put a Christmas tree in our bedroom. My husbands exact words when he saw it was…”are you kidding me?” hahaha. I actually love it and so do the kiddos. I think its a new tradition that I’ll definitely be repeating in years to come. I let the kids decorate this tree and my thought is to put their presents under this tree christmas morning and then we can open presents in the coziness of our bedroom. I think its a brilliant idea, I’ll let you know how it goes, haha. 



I mean really, how cozy would it be to sip your coffee in bed all snuggled up with the people you love most, opening presents on Christmas morning by the soft glow of a Christmas tree…I’m telling you I’m on to something here,  friends! I hope you enjoyed this little tour of our simple bedroom. If you were keeping track the grand total for this room was… either $4 or $6 I can’t remember if the garland was $1 or $3 but either way super inexpensive! 

I’d love to hear what you think, leave me a message below and don’t forget you can find me on IG @thehomemakingmomma or on Pinterest at The Homemaking Momma



Bree ❤


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