Thanksgiving Table {No.2…}

Hello Hello!! I hope you guys are excited for another Thanksgiving table. Today I’m bringing you my amped up version. You can see my classic version here

Also, if you didn’t see my last post then you probably missed that this was all part of a fun blog hop, so make sure to check out these amazing thanksgiving tablescapes on my last post!

Okay…so just like my last one this table scape was done on a tiny budget. I’m going to show you how simply changing a couple little details you can completely change the feel of your table. Any one who knows me knows I love Christmas. They also probably know that my home is usually already decorated for Christmas by the first or second week of November. So I wanted this Thanksgiving table to lean more on the side of Christmas but without being full out Christmas…does that make sense? I’m sure you’ll understand once you see it.

So again I started with my normal everyday table cloth, from Ikea. Then I laid down black and white striped wrapping paper that I picked up for like $2.99 last Christmas. Then I added my Ikea chargers and my simple white dinner plates. Again I used the same rolled flour sacks as napkins, with the fresh rosemary sprig. Same greenery and same candle sticks with the addition of one extra brass candle stick that I just bought at Goodwill for $2. I love the look of all the mixed metals on this table. The only other change are the oranges…I’m swooning… y’all, who knew a $3 bag of oranges could make such an impact! What do y’all think, post your comments below and let me know!!









I feel like it’s kind of Christmas(y) but without being full blown Christmas. It reminds me of all the beautiful wreaths in Williamsburg, VA. What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed todays post, Happy early Thanksgiving!! Now I’m going to go decorate for Christmas 😉



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