Fall Blog Series {A Missouri Home Tour}

Good evening, Friends!! Y’all are in for a treat tonight. I’m bringing you another beautiful fall home tour. I started following Sarah a couple of months ago on Instagram. Instantly I fell in love with her home. Her simple, fresh style leaves me feeling relaxed and more calm every time I see one of her pictures. The simplicity is so beautiful I just know you’re going to be inspired. I find the phrase less is more to be so true in many aspects of life including home decor and it’s so evident in Sarah’s home. So grab your coffee/tea friends and let me introduce you to my lovely friend!

Hi! My name is Sarah and I am located in the great state of Missouri where I live with my husband, Timothy, our four children, one dog, one cat and 9 Koi fish. We currently live in 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom double wide. Three years ago our family made big changes in order to live a more simple life and begin our journey towards being debt free. We threw out a wild offer of 10,000 on this double wide trailer that had been foreclosed on and to our surprise the offer was taken. 
Our home is a cash only project and the majority of the work we have done ourselves. My style leans towards the minimalist side and I find the more I scale back the happier I am.
So I hope you find some inspiration in our home and that you realize you can make any place your in a dream for yourself.



Our living room is a simple style with comfortable reclining couches and furniture that has been painted or redone. Our coffee table was an old library table that I cut the legs down on and our end table used to be brown before I took some white paint to it. For fall we enjoy cozy throw blankets and lots of pillows to cuddle up with and stay warm.



Our kitchen is the heart of our home. I spend most of my time in this space. I cook from scratch a lot and I enjoy baking. Our kitchen is the one space that will see the biggest transformation and therefore probably be one of the last places we get around to remodeling. The biggest change I have made in here was to take down the upper cabinets and build the open shelving for all of my pantry jars. I love how easy it is to mix up anything I am making because everything is within reach. 

Ironstone is one thing I love collecting and all of it has found a home in this cabinet that was passed down to me from my great aunt. I am still looking for a bench or something to go under the peg rack. I know the right piece will eventually be found. I am often inspired by nature and I enjoy decorating with dried flowers which you can see hanging from this peg rack.

Our kitchen island sees a lot of activity with school work, children sitting to chat and a place to enjoy coffee or a snack. I kept the center piece simple as we often need to move it around depending on what is going on at the island.


Evenings are often our favorite with a candle burning, a cup of hot cocoa and family gathered around with the crackling sound of the fireplace. It is important to me to have a home that functions well for our family and one that I don’t have to worry about something getting a few scratches or dings. Our home is a place where memories are made, a family enjoys spending time together and where we host get togethers with friends and family. We are family that dreams big and that works daily to reach those dreams.


Our yard was extremely full of trash and over grown weeds and there were no steps to the front door. Last summer my husband built the deck and I built the garden shed. This summer my biggest addition was the fish pond. I love garden junk and enjoy finding new ways to repurpose items. I keep our outdoor fall decor pretty minimal with a pretty mum and some wild grasses from across the road.


That shiplap, the ironstone, the gorgeous open shelving in the kitchen, you guys…aren’t you swooning! I hope you’re inspired by Sarah’s home but, more importantly I hope you’re inspired by her encouraging spirit. Because she is 100% right, home is about making memories and spending time with those you love. You don’t need a giant budget or lots of things. Just fill your home with items you love and it’ll be a beautiful reflection of you and your family!

P.S. you can find Sarah on Instagram @flatcreekfarmhouse – so jump on over and give her a follow ❤


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