Fall Blog Series:Book Page Garland

Hey y’all!! Happy Thursday and more importantly HAPPY NATIONAL COFFEE DAY. Today’s post is actually brought to you by coffee…just kidding…kind of, haha.

Actually today is cool, damp, a little foggy, it really is the perfect day for drinking coffee and getting your craft on…and maybe some train playing as well.

how sweet is this train master?

Anyhoo…back to business! This project is so simple and really inexpensive.  You probably have everything you’ll need on hand.

Supply List:

one old book



card stock

So I began by pulling the covers off my book. I used an old hard back but a paper back would probably be easier. Then I carefully tore the pages out.

Then I googled leaf template and printed out my favorite. I printed it on card stock so that it was a little thicker and sturdier since I would be using it as a stencil.

I layered a couple pages no more than 3-4 at a time traced my leaf and then simply cut out the pattern. This only took a couple minutes because my Garland is relatively short. But you could easily print out several different leaf patterns and make your Garland longer.


Then I took the tip of a pencil and very gently poked a small hole in each leaf, strung that baby up with some twine and voila!





What do y’all think? I think it’s so simple and sweet! I may just make another one for our bedroom.

Hope y’all have a super sweet day and an even sweet weekend!

Blessings ❤



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