Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice {a fall blog series}

Happy September friends!! It’s been a while since my last post, sorry about that! I’m sure you can all relate though. Sometimes life just happens. Speaking of life, my first born started kindergarten this past week (which mainly explains my absence)

Here he is, we decided to do a mini photo shoot, isn;t he the sweetest!


You would think being down to only one child for the majority of the day would mean I wouldn’t be nearly as busy, but it’s actually quite the opposite. I’m just as busy if not more. Funny how that works! Anyhoo…with the start of a new month I thought it would be fun to start a blog series! I’ve happily named it Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

Here’s me enjoying my first pumpkin spice latte of the season.


I’m not sure about you, but Fall is my favorite! Give me pumpkin spice everything, boots, sweaters, apple and pumpkin picking, crisp air…ahhhh its just lovely! To celebrate my favorite time of year there is going to be some fun posts to come. Think giveaways, DIY and craft projects, a Fall home tour, new recipes, and much more! I hope y’all stick around for all the fun!

To kick everything off I wanted to share a simple fabric pumpkin DIY. Enjoy, and of course because I feel like I’m horrible at tutorials if you have any questions feel free to drop a comments below! Oh and if you don’t already go check me out on Instagram @thehomemakingmomma. There is a fun fall hashtag challenge I’m co-hosting with the lovely Misty @misdiy (her blog here) and I’ve also teamed up with my dear friend Jordan @abluenest (her blog here) for an awesome giveaway you don’t want to miss these!!

Now onto the pumpkins!


  1. First you will choose your fabric, I had some blue stripped ticking on hand so thats what I used. Plus it goes well with my farmhouse decor. You will need a pencil, scissors, a measuring tape, needle, thread, pillow stuffing, twine, and sticks or cinnamon sticks for the stem.
  2. You will need to measure your fabric so that it is twice the length than the height. Mine was about 12″x 6″ Then you will fold your fabric in half and sew along the edge. Make sure the good sides of the fabric are against each other because once you sew that edge you will be turning the fabric right side out. Once you sew the edge and turn your fabric right side out, you will have a tube (the top and bottom with be open. You’ll take your needle and thread and stitch around the bottom of the tube. Once you get all the way around you’ll pull your thread so that it cinches up. Pictured below. Then you will stuff your pumpkin.

    4. Once your pumpkin is stuff you will repeat what you did on the bottom, sewing all the way around the opening, pull your thread to cinch and secure the closure.

    5. Once it’s secured you will take a large needle, I used a doll making needle. You’ll want one with a large eye hole for your yarn or in my case I used twine. You’re going to go through the bottom opening all the way to the top opening with your twine/yarn leaving a little tail at the bottom pulling somewhat snuggly so that you section off your pumpkin. This helps the pumpkin to look more pumpkiny and not so ball like, haha. Once you’ve sectioned off your pumpkin depending on the size I usually have 6-8 little sections secure your yarn/twine on the bottom side. I usually tie if off with the little tail that I left when I started. image

    6.  Once everything is secured you’ll just stuff your stick into the top side of the pumpkin. There should be a small hole where you cinched it up that you can easily fit a stick inside.


And there you have it my friends. A simple fabric pumpkin DIY! Happy Crafting! image



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