Simple Decor With a Wood Crate 4 Ways

Hey friends!!

So if you’ve been following me for a while you know my crazy love addiction for re-arranging. I’ve had this simple wooden crate for several years now. I feel like it’s constantly moving around my house, so I thought today I would share a few different ways to use/style a crate.

First up, I love keeping a crate full of extra towels and a canister filled with homemade soap. There’s something so pretty about displaying everyday items rather than just hiding them away in the closet.


Next, I love filling my home with greenery. I’ve recently become a little adventurous and have branched out from faux to real. I’m thrilled to say my plants are thriving. I love filling a crate with my little plant babies. The crate makes it much easier to move them around if I think they need more/less sunlight. imageimage

Next up, pretty and functional, my favorite combo! I love corralling my kitchen items into one convenient location and using a crate for my crock full of cooking utensils and displaying one of my favorite pieces, my vintage scale that I found for a whopping $10 just seems like the perfect due! image


And last but certainly not least and my personal favorite, using a crate for my table display. For this I’ve simply placed fresh flowers in one of my favorite enamel pitchers and put it right inside the crate. But you could go a step further and maybe use the crate for silverware or napkins, maybe even some pillar candles. It’s a great centerpiece and can be used so conveniently for a dinner party or picnic!


Thats all I have for you today folks, I hope these ideas gave you a little inspiration for your own home! Hope y’all have a great day!



❤ Bree

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