We are currently driving through the tree lined expressway in Nj. On our way back from a weeks vacation with my husband’s family. We were blessed with a beautiful week with lots of new memories to lock away in our hearts and minds. I’m looking around at the beautiful faces of my children, at the smiling face of my husband. Thinking of all the love and happiness in our little car. But, then remembering the shootings and tragic accidents that shook our country this past week. Our lives are filled with beautiful spectacular moments sprinkled in are times of loss and sadness, hardship, and pain. But we can find beauty in the ashes because we have hope in Jesus. We can have joy in this life knowing what he did for us on the cross. And then we can pick up our own crosses and follow him knowing that he has gone before us. He will make our paths straight, not always easy, but straight.


I look at my life, and my family and I don’t want to take one single moment for granted.
I want to be honest will y’all. I’m not a always that great of a homemaker, I’m not always a great mother. Sometimes I’m grumpy, somethings I run out of patience. I don’t bake enough, sometimes I let my laundry pile up. Sometimes my youngest will bring me dust bunnies and I realize it’s been a couple days since I’ve vacuumed. Sometimes I rewash the same load of laundry because I forgot all about it. Sometimes I run late for appointments or I bribe my kids with donuts just so we can make it through a grocery shopping trip. Sometimes I yell at my kids and then I have to ask them to forgive mommy for losing her patience. But every day I thank God for my many blessings and ask him for new mercies in the morning. I tell you all this because this life is short and while I may make all these mistakes one thing I don’t want to mess up is loving my family. One thing I don’t want to miss are these moments. I want to savor each one. One thing we can strive to do well, to do great, is enjoy life’s little moments and be joyful wherever we find ourselves. To love our families, to love each other. When we do that it seems like all the rest falls into place.
A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another. John 13:34-35


Blessings Friends!


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