How I Clean My Home With Just Water

Okay, so I know most of you are sitting there thinking, is this woman crazy!! How could she possibly clean her whole house with only water. I’ll admit I thought the same thing about 3 years ago when I met a woman who was selling a little product called the EnviroCloth from a company called Norwex. Honestly what she was claiming seemed unbelievable. I mean what about bacteria and germs. How could a cloth do that!!?

The woman was kind enough to actually give me the product for free. There were no conditions she literally believed in the product and loved it that much that she generously just gave it away for me to try.

I was obviously unbelieving of it’s awesomeness but willing to try it because as a Mama I was really looking to create a more healthy, safe environment for my growing family.

Fast forward three years, I’m still using Norwex. Actually I still have and use the original cloth that that kind lady gave me. And now one of my dear friends has become a consultant and a few months ago came and did a demonstration for some of my friends! Which means I’ve purchased more products such as their dry and wet mop, their dusting mitt and their envirowand. With just a few products I have been able to eliminate the use of all cleaning products from my home. Yes, you heard me right, no cleaning products and no chemicals. Now I will admit I do have some thieves all purpose cleaner as well as some Mrs. Meyers all purpose spray because I love the scents. But I use those only because I like the way it makes a room smell. I don’t use them often and I certainly don’t need them to clean or disinfect anything in my home.

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So without further ado I’d like to introduce you to my friend, Dawn. She has become quite the expert on Norwex and can explain in a little better detail than I could how it actually works. (I am in no way trying to sell you anything, nor am I receiving anything for this review or post. I am simply sharing a loved product, and how it’s helped change the way I clean my house.)

From Dawn; Do you ever wonder how the Homemaking Momma  keeps those wood floors sparkling? Or those windows print free? Or the appliances sparkling?? Despite what you may think, she’s not slaving away day after day to keep your abode spic and span! You know her secret, you ask!? Why YES I DO! And I’m about to let the cat out of the bag.

Bree cleans with just water. Yes. You heard that right. The germ-hatin, shine-lovin’ homemaking momma cleans using just water.
A few months ago I had the honor of showing her and some friends all the wonderful cleaning power of Norwex Microfibers! I taught her to clean everything from cob-webbed corners, to her beautiful wood floors!
The mission of Norwex is to radically reduce chemicals in your home! Have you seen her precious little boys?!? They are so worth keeping safe! And they are a handful to clean up after as all children are! So this was the perfect solution for Bree and they’re a great solution for you too!

Norwex microfibers are an amazing 1/200th the diameter of a human hair compared to the 1/16 measurement of most store-bought microfibers. Because of that super fine thread, Norwex cloths wipe the germs right up and lock them inside for a super-clean, super-fast, super-quick clean that doesn’t cross-contaminate. It’s like magic, really.
The Envirocloth cleans almost everything! The window cloth will polish up appliances, fixtures, windows and even mirrors- YES SPOT-FREE WINDOWS with JUST WATER! HELLO!?!? Do you know what this means for your Target bill??? Girl, get out of the cleaning aisle and get yourself some cute shoes or jewelry.
I also LOVE the Norwex Mop. Get it wet, wring it out and watch your floors shine! It’s made to even get the baseboards while you mop. Seriously. So. Simple.
Got a carpet stain? Hard water stains? Sink or counter stains? They’re no match for Norwex Cleaning paste! It’s my other must-have product!
Clean your cloths in the washer with Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry detergent and dry with Norwex Dryer Balls- no fabric softener, please. This laundry detergent doubles as an all-purpose cleaner, can be put in your carpet shampooer, can clean toilets, grout and more.
So, if you’re new to Norwex, give me a ring, invite me and some friends over and I’ll show you how to get the same sparkle as my friend, The Homemaking Momma. And if you let me know you read it here, I’ll bring you and your guests some really good chocolate to enjoy while you watch my demonstration. And as a host, I’ll give you an extra gift of $50 in free products when your party reaches $350 in retail sales, because this stuff works so amazingly well, people don’t believe it ‘til they see it- though maybe you do, because The Homemaking Momma’s  house is Norwex clean.


And there you have it friends that’s my not so dirty little secret, haha. Norwex helps make cleaning easy and safe, now if only it could stay clean!




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