Simple Decor With a Wood Crate 4 Ways

Hey friends!! So if you've been following me for a while you know my crazy┬álove addiction for re-arranging. I've had this simple wooden crate for several years now. I feel like it's constantly moving around my house, so I thought today I would share a few different ways to use/style a crate. First up, I... Continue Reading →

Be Joyful in Hope

We are currently driving through the tree lined expressway in Nj. On our way back from a weeks vacation with my husband's family. We were blessed with a beautiful week with lots of new memories to lock away in our hearts and minds. I'm looking around at the beautiful faces of my children, at the... Continue Reading →

How I Clean My Home With Just Water

Okay, so I know most of you are sitting there thinking, is this woman crazy!! How could she possibly clean her whole house with only water. I'll admit I thought the same thing about 3 years ago when I met a woman who was selling a little product called the EnviroCloth from a company called... Continue Reading →

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