Happy Mothers Day



To my dear sweet Mamas,

I’m writing this to tell you that you are loved, the work that you do, that you may think or feel goes unnoticed. It doesn’t. To the single mamas, to the working mamas, to the stay at home mamas, to the tired, busy, stressed, overwhelmed mamas
You were created for such a time as this. The road you are on right now, it’s a season. But it’s a gift. The moment I looked into the eyes of my babies I knew my whole life was going to change.
This gift though, it’s hard… Sometimes you feel like you’re knee deep in diapers, like nothing more than a milk making machine, then comes the tantrums, messes, potty training, refusing naps, refusing to eat. Then only wanting to eat Cheerios, cheese, chicken nuggets and cookies…then comes the tween years followed by full blown teenagers, I’ve got a ways to go but I heard those years are fun (wink wink) no matter where you are though, the work you are doing is important. You’re selflessly putting the life of another’s above your own. You’re loving your babies fiercely and doing everything you can to give them their best chance.

I hope this Mother’s Day you feel cherished, loved, adored. I hope this Mother’s Day you know that what you do is one of the hardest but most beautiful jobs in the world. I hope you take some time for you, do something you love whether it’s reading a book, spending time in your garden, or cuddling your sweet babies. But please remember you are worth more than you know, capable of more than you think and loved more than you can imagine. To God, you are worth the death of his only son, you are valuable to Him! With God you are capable of so much more. Because his power is made perfect in our weakness, when we feel like we can’t, He can! You are loved by a God in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. I hope you rejoice in this amazing truth! Happy Mothers Day sweet friends!

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